The World is Your Stage

From 17 to 19 November 2017, twenty young students from Xuyi County and from Nanjing, including Nanjing international school, participated in a Heart Wings Theater Camp in Xuyi, Jiangsu Province. The camp tutors were Niels-Peter Underland Kari Ramnefjell, the co-founders of the the Heart Wing's Children's Theater Program that empowers children through theater. Over two days, the camp built up confidence, fostered imagination and supported a healthy development of participating children through mime and in a fun way. Exposed to new ideas of communication, expression and cooperation, children as well as volunteering parents and tutors, spent a weekend full of learning, joy and empowerment.

At the very beginning, those kids didn't know each other. But with mime, they became friends and worked together. They performed and mimed a house, a dragonboat or a robot just with their creativity and imagination.

- Huang Jing -


I‘m very glad to see that kids really enjoyed the performaning and mime and learned how to cooperate with each other and think independently.

- Summer -

Heart Wings Children’s Theater Program

Cooperatively launched by the Amity Education and International Exchange Division and the YU Theater in early 2015, the Heart Wings Children’s Theater Program offers charitable mime courses to children aged from 4 to 18 in schools with limited teaching resources. The Heart Wings Children’s Theater Program is designed for disadvantaged Nanjing locals, migrant workers and foreign guests’ children living in Nanjing. The goal is to help them to improve their teamwork spirit and ability of innovation, coordination and communication and promote the inclusive education and holistic development of program participants. Besides weekly teaching activity in local schools of Nanjing, Heart Wings also brings camps to rural areas of China to help children build self-confidence and innovative ability.

Heart Wings -The World is Your Stage video (click to watch)


Niels-Peter and Kari at the theater camp in Xuyi