WCC Executive Committee visits Amity

The Executive Committee of the World Council of Christian Churches, Amity and Amity Printing staff taking a group photo

On November 22, 2016, the Executive Committee of the World Council of Christian Churches (WCC), visited the Amity Printing Company in Nanjing. Mr Qiu Zhonghui, Secretary General of Amity, stressed that this is the first time the Executive Committee of the WCC held an Executive Committee Meeting in China and visited the Amity Printing Press. „This is very significant for us and Amity is truly honored,“ said Mr Qiu. He pointed out that, “The Amity Printing Press is now celebrating its 30th anniversary and the milestone of printing the 150 millionth bible. Thirty years ago, we could hardly imagine that the Amity Printing Press would grow into the world’s largest bible producer. The reason Amity could achieve it is because of the support from the Chinese Government, the Chinese Church and also WCC and their members' support. When the Amity Foundation was founded in 1985, Bishop K.H. Ting hoped that we can build a new partnership system, based on mutual respect, trust and sharing. The Amity Foundation’s growth and development are strong examples of this type of new relationship. Today, the Amity Foundation moves towards internationalization, and we hope we can continue to receive WCC’s strong support and help.“

The Executive Committee of WCC and Amity leaders discussing about Amity's work

After an introduction and discussion about Amity's work the delegation visited the production line and other facilities of the Amity Printing Company. The WCC delegation's visit was part of the annual WCC Executive Committee meeting. Priorities and focus areas for the WCC were discussed. In 2018, the theme will be Ecumenical Diaconia and Sustainable Development, alongside expanded collaboration with the ACT Alliance.

The WCC delegation visited the Amity Printing production line (right) and played table tennis at the Amity Printing leisure facilities for the workers (left)