Water is life for Amren's family

Amity Hong Kong and LWF (Lutheran World Federation) Ethiopia staff are talking with Amren, a woman farmer

After two consecutive years of drought in Eastern and Southern Ethiopia, famine was looming again in 2017. That is why Hong Kong NGOs, among other international NGOs worldwide, issued a joint appeal to respond to the humanitarian crisis. Since then, the Amity Foundation has been responding to the disaster with the local partner Lutheran World Service (LWS) Ethiopia. For the last months, the organizations are providing life saving measures for tackling water shortage and hygiene problems in seriously affected regions in Fafan Zone of Somali Regional State. A need assessment beginning of 2017 identified 15,882 families in the need of urgent support. More than two-third of the families are headed by females.

Amren Hussen Ismail is a 23 year old woman farmer living with six of her family members in Danade Kebele. Amren’s livelihood depends traditionally on farming and livestock rearing. Due to the drought, Amren and her family are affected by the scarcity of water for everyday use. She lost 55 of her shoats and 16 of her cattle because of the drought. In her own words she says “water sources were as far as the sky until water trucking was started by LWF’”. She emphasizes that “water is life” and the support came at a critical time for her and her family. Before, Amren and her family used to travel more than 15-80km to Harshin and Hartishek in search of water. Now they are able to get five liters of water per family member each day near to their compound from a big tank.

The Amity Foundation installed nine tanks in nine villages of the Somali region. Amren and her family also received laundry and bath soaps, as well as water treatment chemicals to clean the water. This support helps their personal hygiene, clean daily utilities and wash clothes and secure her family’s health. Amren says she was extremely worried about the wellbeing of her family and herself as water became scarce. But now she says she feels relieved and is able to carry on at least without uncertainty about her future health.

A water tank was set up next to Amren's settlement. It ensures people will receive healthy water through trucking