U.S. Consul General visits Amity Bakery

Hanscom Smith and Amity management staff are are meeting at the Amity Bakery

On March 22, Hanscom Smith, the Consul General at the United States Consulate General in Shanghai visited the Amity Bakery in Nanjing. Amity’s General Secretary Mr. Qiu Zhonghui accompanied Hanscom Smith to an Amity Bakery shop and training base in Nanjing. Together they participated in Service-Learning Training activities.

Amity wants to serve as a platform for advocacy and for raising awareness on issues of underprivileged people. Therefore, Amity Bakery promotes youth employment and provides hope, equal participation and a dignified life for the mentally challenged people and their families. The Amity Bakery bridges those families and the wider society by promoting integration and understanding.

Hanscom Smith is making cookies with General Secretary Mr. Qiu and Amity Bakery staff (left). Deputy General Secretary She Hongyu and Amity Bakery staff are showing him the Amity Bakery (right) product line 

Furthermore, Mr. Qiu could explain the Consul General more aspects of Amity’s work, including Amity’s internationalization, the development of social organizations in China or Amity's efforts in disaster relief cooperation. Last but not least, Mr. Qiu presented Hanscom Smith a version of Amity's 30th Anniversary Bible and the Amity Bakery staff received cooking books as return presents from the American delegation.

Mr. Qiu is presenting Hanscom Smith a version of the Amity 30th Anniversary Bible (left). Amity Bakery staff are receiving cooking books as return (right)