University for Girls Project further expands in 2019

Group photo of all participants on the university campus in Guiyang after the seminar.

In the year 2019, Amity's University for Girls Project, which provides scholarships and accompanies female university students from difficult backgrounds expands its scale of operation. Over the past 10 years, the University for Girls Program has received support from all walks of life, improved continuously and expanded the number of students and activities. Besides financial support, that enables disadvantaged girls to attend university the project accompanies the girls during the four years university studies. Adjusted workshops for every year teach students to set goals, identify the career direction, and enhance their personal skills so that they can learn and grow more effectively in life.

End of March, a group of Amity staff, long-term volunteers from Hong Kong and for the first time members of the Love Foundation went to Guizhou Province. The purpose of the trip was to interview and recruit additional 31 students to participate in Amity's scholarship and educational program. Furthermore, seminars and workshops were hold, which benefit the students within the program and through which they acquire additional skills regarding their personal development and career planning.

Interviews to grant scholarships to more students in need (left). A long-term volunteer from Hong Kong participates in a group discussion during the seminar (right).

Executive Director of Amity Hong Kong Anthony Tong (left) and a graduate of the program (right) give inspirational speeches to encourage the U for Girls students.

Project officer Donald Tam of Amity Foundation Hong Kong shares personal development skills with the girls.

In the workshops for the first-grader, students set their own definitions of success through pictures, sharing and games. Then they set goals for their coming four years of university until graduation. The program aims for students to understand their own thinking patterns and learn methods to study more effective in the future. The workshops for second-grader teach students about interpersonal communication skills and teamwork. In the workshops for the third and fourth grader, Amity invited Ms. Liu Min, the head of the Human Resources Department of HSBC Bank, Guangzhou, and four former U for Girls graduates to speak. They shared their inspirational personal life stories and talked also about topics such as career planning or interview skills.

At the same time, Amity is committed to let more people understand the needs of students Therefore, the staff of the Amity Foundation and more than a dozen donors and volunteers went to Congjiang County, a mountainous and underdeveloped region of Guizhou Province. By meeting some students' families, participants learned more about the rural situation and exemplary difficult individual backgrounds of the girls' families. After attending the March activities of the U for Girls program, the Love Foundation committed themselves to further actively support and participate in the program.

In an exposure tour volunteers visited villages in the region, to learn about the very rudimentary living conditions and circumstances of many students.

At the end of the seminar, the first-grade students wrote down their wishes and dreams for their future on paper planes and made them fly.

For more information on the University for Girls Project, please email project officer Donald [email protected]