Together we will face tomorrow

Once a year in spring, a joint group of Amity staff, Pfrang members and local authorities are visiting underprivileged students of impoverished families that receive sponsorships. Afterwards, the Pfrang Gala is held in Nanjing to raise funds for new and continuing sponsorships.

The sponsored students are living in poverty

On April 24 and 25, a delegation of Amity staff, Pfrang Association members, local authorities and Nanjing classes visited 39 sponsored students and five of their families in northern Jiangsu Province. There they learned about the students’ needs, concerns and their living circumstances.

Face-to-face communication with the sponsored students and families is an important part during the visit. It offers an opportunity to talk with students and to learn more about their school life and dreams. Some wanted to become nurses to help people, software engineers to develop their own software products or lawyers to protect social justice.

Participants from Nanjing learn about the living circumstances of the students

Participants were touched that many sponsored students expressed their dream of becoming medical professionals as often their family members are suffering from various diseases.

A student whose father fell ill with dementia and mother left home many years ago told the delegation about her wish to become a doctor, although it seems impossible for her father to get recovered: “I still want to be a doctor to improve my father’s situation and help more people.” The determined expression of this little girl proved that the hardships of life had never defeated her, but made her more courageous and optimistic toward the future.

A wall full of honorary school credentials of a sponsored student

The delegation was welcomed by a student’s family during the visit. Leading the delegation to his home, the boy introduced his family members: his mother, little brother and grandmother in the eighties. The mother proudly showed her kid’s honorary school credentials, the grandmother warmly showed us around their house and his little brother was very happy to see his elder brother coming home early. The visitors felt relieved the student lives in such a harmonious atmosphere, although he is living in a poverty-stricken family.

Participants and the students enjoy the visit

When the delegation was leaving, he cried. A member from the delegation patted him on his back and comforted him saying: “Tomorrow will be better and we will always be with you”. These simple but tender words are not only a kind of comfort and promise, but also a common dream and goal that we are striving for.

Dear students, be courageous and optimistic toward future. We will be with you!

Dear friends and partners, let’s work together, make education accessible to every child and create a better future!

The Pfrang Association is a nonprofit charity organization with the intention of providing funds aimed at helping underprivileged children in Jiangsu Province to attain education. In setting up the Association, Pfrang has developed a partnership with the Amity Foundation. The Pfrang Association is a group of people who are united in the belief that education is one of the most basic and valuable assets in our society and therefore should be accessible to all young people. In April 2000 the Pfrang family lost their lives in a dreadful crime in their home in Nanjing. The Pfrang Association acknowledges the fact that social inequality and poor education prepare the grounds for crimes.

This article was first published on Amity's Chinese website.