A Tandem Bicycle

Amity strives to provide inclusive environments

for kids like Liu Liu and Ran Ran

Liu Liu is a lovely boy with hearing impairment and cerebral palsy. Liu Liu’s favorite sport is riding a bicycle. However, due to disabilities, he never succeeds in the sport. One day, Liu Liu was sitting on a bike, making effort to try again. Yet, no matter how hard he tried, he could not make it go. When Liu Liu was going to burst into tears, a tandem bicycle stopped by. “Come on, Liu Liu! Get on my bike!” It was Ran Ran, one of Liu Liu’s classmates. Immediately, Liu Liu turned tears in smiles. Ran Ran and Liu Liu sat on tandem bicycle and rode around the playground. Liu Liu was overjoyed and laughing out loud. Watching the two children having fun on the playground, Liu Liu’s teacher felt moved and gratified. Where are they? They are at Qi Cai Qiao Special Education Kindergarten in Quzhou, Zhejiang Province.

In the year of 2016, Amity Foundation launched an inclusive education program named Amity China-Finland Inclusive Education for Children with Hearing Difficulties. The program provided Quzhou Special Education School with an international education platform and vision. Children with hearing difficulties was allocated into regular classes, where comfortable and appropriate educational environment was provided. In this open and inclusive environment, with the positive guidance from professional teachers, there is only difference but no discrimination. Children with hearing difficulties have made remarkable progress in all aspects of skill-learning. Amity believes that providing an inclusive environment for kids to play together and learn together is of great significance. This reflects our mission and vision towards a better society and a better future.

This is a prepublished story of Amity's Annual Report 2018. The Annual Report will be published within the next weeks.