Helping People in Need

Amity ranks No.10 on 99 Giving Day

99 Giving Day 2019, 9/9 China Charity Day, Tencent Carity Day, Amity fundraising

On the fifth Tencent 99 Giving Day, the Amity Foundation takes the 10th place in the ranking of most successful fundraising organizations. Amity cooperated with 330 organizations and supported 435 projects. The motto of this year’s fundraising event was “Do good things together” (一块做好事).

Boys and Girls are Equal

An Haoran coaches the girls’ soccer team at the Taishan Elementary School in the Pukou district of the city of Nanjing. Chubby and awkward, when he smiles his eyes curl into two thin black lines. He looks so gentle and harmless, a bit like a teddy bear, but just a few years ago, he was a rough and tough guy from the north-east of China with tattoos and hair brushed so it shone. When he first started coaching the girls’ team, An Haoran faced 16 little girls who were only about seven years old.

Amity provides emergency assistance to flood victims in China

China Flood 2019, Amity flood relief, emergency managment China, Guanxi flood, Jiangxi flood

Since end of May provinces in central and south China are suffering from severe floods. The Amity Foundation has distributed 69,100 kilograms if rice, 1382 barrels cooking oil, 1482 blankets, 15,000 packages of instant noodles and sanitation kits to people affected by the disaster.

Amity responds to Yibin Earthquake in Sichuan (update)

Yibin earthquake, China disaster relief, Amity Foundation disaster managment, earthquake Sichuan

A magnitude 6.0 earthquake occurred near Yibin City, Sichuan Province. According to local authorities, the earthquake caused a total of 11 deaths and injured 122 people. Amity will respond to the needs of the affected people, working with our local partner.

Leaving no one without water

Walk for Living Water 2019, Amity water project, water advocacy,world water day, Myanmar water projects

On April 13, 2019, the Amity Foundation organized its 9th Walk for Living Water (WLW) event. Participants gathered in respond of the United Nation's World Water Day to advocate and raise money for sustainable water supplies in water deprived regions in Myanmar.