Disaster Management

Amity responds to flooding in four provinces

flooding China, Sichuan floods 2018, Amity Foundation emergency disaster relief

On August 21, the Hong Kong Disaster Relief Fund approved a grant of $5.824 million to Amity, Hong Kong. The grant will  provide rice, flour, cooking oil and quilts to benefit 10,622 families which suffered in severe floods since July.

Amity continues to work in Nepal

Amity Foundation Nepal, Trabsformation Nepal, China and Nepal, South-South cooperation

On July 29, the Amity Foundation and Transformation Nepal signed a Memorandum of Understanding for a strategic partnership in Kathmandu. The signing ceremony took place during a forum and networking event, attended by 25 Chinese and 34 Nepalese representatives of social organizations.

Grant approved for Sichuan flood victims in Mainland

floods Sichuan 2018, disaster relief, the Amity Foundation Hong Kong, natural disaster China

The Government of Hong Kong has approved a grant of $536,000 to Amity Foundation, Hong Kong for providing relief to flood victims in Sichuan Province in the Mainland, on July 23. The grant will be used to provide rice and oil for the flood victims to address their imminent needs.

Relief for people affected by the Taiwan earthquake

earthquake Hualien 2018, disaster relief Taiwan, cross-straight cooperation, christian cross-straight, peace

On 6 February, ten minutes before midnight, an earthquake of magnitude 6.4 on the magnitude scale struck Hualien, Taiwan. The earthquake killed at least 17 people and injured 285. Hundreds have been evacuated from their homes and far more than 100 aftershocks have been reported.