Diaconal/Social Work

Summer Academy on Diaconia 2019 has concluded in Nanjing

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Held on September 13 to 19, the intense training included lectures and discussions on the Diaconal church, biblical reflections on the SDGs 2030, and spiritual and psychological preparations for diaconal practitioners. Co-hosted by Nanjing Union Seminary, 30 pastors, church leaders and lay workers participated.

Football 1+1 Photo Series

Photos by Wang Pei / 王培

Young students celebrating their participation during the launching ceremony of the Suning Amity 2019 Football 1+1 Camp in Nanjing.

Fatherly love on the football field

Yu Jiachuan is a football coach but he is most definitely not a professional football player. He comes from the Binhe Experimental School in the city of Mingguang in Anhui province, and his “profession” was as a Chinese literature teacher.