Sustainable Development Goals in China

Xie Ying (right), senior staff of the Amity Geneva office gives a presentation on Amity's implementation of SDG

On October 13, 2017, the China Foundation Center (CFC) and the United Nations Development Program China (UNDP) organized an international conference in Geneva, launching the “Philanthropy for Sustainable Development in China” report in China. Initiated in early 2017, the collaborative project aims at comprehensively understanding the contribution of China’s third sector to the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Additionally, the report aims to provide recommendations for the further development of the Chinese philanthropic sector under the SDG framework.

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The project analyzed 5,545 Chinese foundations’ 83,038 charitable projects that tackle issues related to the SDGs and published the findings in a report. Thereby the UNDP states on their website: ”Through assessing the current SDG landscape of philanthropic actors in China, establishing the SDG philanthropy platform, and promoting the SDGs, the UNDP and CFC partnership represents a first step in mobilizing an increasing number of Chinese philanthropic actors to realize the SDGs. The project and the tools it provides aim at supporting the development of China's philanthropic sector in support of sustainable development.”

Furthermore, the report contributes to the development of a SDG philanthropy platform, which enables foundations to search for relevant information and look for potential partners. Xie Ying, senior staff of the Amity Foundation, Geneva office gave a presentation on Amity’s efforts of implementing the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Thereby she pointed out that the SGD framework provides a common discourse system for the different actors as well different societal sectors to discuss and exchange.

Xie Ying emphasized the importance of education and to expose children and youth to the SDGs: “The Sustainable Development Goals are related to the future to every individual and especially to the future generations.” Furthermore, Xie Ying advocated for cross-sectoral cooperation and the construction of a sustainable and inclusive society, which encourages the participation of diverse groups and to seek the greatest synergies for implementing the SDGs.

Mapping the SDG among Chinese NGOs is part of the global attempt to accelerate the implementation of the 2013 SDG

Zhang Rhuiying (left) of CFC’s Strategic Philanthropy Research Center visits Amity's international Liaison office in Geneva