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In China, more and more people are following a new concept of lifestyle: Doing Philanthropy. Amity raises awareness through volunteer mobilization, public campaigns, media exposure, conferences, workshops, forums and other events. We want to inspire public’s participation in philanthropy and facilitate the healthy growth of the sector. We believe in cross-sector cooperation, inter-religious dialogue, exchange of best practices and capacity building for NGOs and churches to support the development of a more pluralistic society.

The Amity Foundation presents its work at the China Charity Fair




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Supporting the Sector



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The Amity Foundation 's NGO Development Centers in Kunshan, Nanjing and Nantong supporting hundreds of local grassroot NGOs every year.

Furthermore, Amity manages Community Service Centers, fostering community engagement and community associations.

Amity provides space, resources, trains their capacity and creates a platform for communication, exchange and community engagment.

A community group holding activities in Amity's Community Development Center

The Amity Bakery announcing a partnership with other social organizations






The Amity Foundation regularly holds conferences, workshops, trainings, forums and other events.

Backed by a vast network of alliances, partners and friends, Amity enhances cross-sectoral cooperation among communities, social organizations, local government, enterprises and academia.


The Amity Foundation helds cross-sectoral conference and international conferences on Social Development


Amity Crowdfunding




The Chinese character 荟 embraces multiple meanings namely, cao (grass), ren (people) and yun (cloud). Cao can be interpreted as encouraging grassroots individuals and NGOs to launch projects and do charity work. Ren refers to philanthropy by everyone and involve the masses. And yun refers to the internet and online donations.


More and more people want to do charity and help people in need.

With the fast development of online philanthropy and crowd-funding Amity  supports the dreams of individuals and NGOs and encourages them to initiate their own charity projects.

Amity strives to professionalize and integrate their projects on online-fundraising plattforms.

During the year and on Philanthropy Day on September 9, Amity carries out fundraising activities in cooperation with mature, stable and innovative NGOs.



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