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The Amity Summer English Program (SEP) invites English speakers to volunteer in training Chinese teachers of English in less-developed parts of China. The SEP is a wonderful opportunity to spend a month in China, helping primary and secondary school Chinese teachers, many from rural areas, to develop their English language skills.

Interested in doing something different and meaningful?

The SEP provides Chinese teachers of English with a chance to upgrade their listening and speaking skills through an intensive four weeks of classroom and other activities with native or near-native English speakers (preferably educated to college level). The goal of the SEP is to help these Chinese teachers become more comfortable using the English they already have, not necessarily to speak better although that often happens as a consequence! It is also hoped that some of the classroom ideas and activities will encourage them to develop more interactive and stimulating classes for their students.

Working in a team!

When the SEP team arrives, one of the first tasks is to assign each teacher to a language level group following an oral assessment. For the next three weeks the SEP volunteer develops classroom activities, games, music, movies and more to get the groups talking and sharing.

interactive group work

stimulating class activities

enhance speaking skills


do arts and crafts

teaching first aid measures


The program runs for four weeks, usually the beginning of July to the first week in August, which includes a time of briefing and debriefing in China, and three weeks at the team’s assigned location. At each SEP location approximately 75-100 Chinese teachers take advantage of this unique opportunity.

Amity 2019 SEP schedule

July 8

arrival in Nanjing

July 9-11

orientation in Nanjing

July 12

departure to the local teaching sites

July 13 - Aug 2


Aug 3

travel to Shanghai

Aug 4

debriefing in Shanghai

Aug 5


The deadline of submitting the application for scholarship is March 1, 2019. If funds for scholarship remain sufficient after March 1, 2019, application for scholarship will open again.

The deadline of submitting the application for Summer English Program is April 30, 2019.

leisure activities during the program

Chinese teachers with SEP participants


SEP volunteer teams are sent to more out-of-the-way locations in China in order to reach more rural teachers of English, many who never had the chance to speak with a native English speaker.  To name a few locations, in the last several years SEP teams have been sent to Inner Mongolia, Shandong, Guangxi and Sichuan province.


The SEP Program in-China cost is approximately US$1200. The cost covers the orientation in Nanjing, the travel from Nanjing to the teaching site and back to the debriefing site, accommodation and food during teaching. Also included in the price is a time of briefing and debriefing in China. SEP volunteers are also responsible for their own international airfare, visa, travel insurance and spending money.


For the Summer English Program 2019 Amity offers two types of scholarships:

  • Block grant waiver
  • Partially or fully financial reimbursement of international travel costs between your country and China


Requirements for scholarships - Applicants

  • should be able to provide teaching workshops for SEP trainers during the orientation
  • have teaching experience of more than five times in China
  • are willing to promote the program and organize a group of four to participate


Documents required for scholarship application:

  • Statement of purpose

*       Explain type of funding requested (block grant and/or travelling costs)

*       Brief explanation of personal circumstances (e.g. student, retired on a low pension)
*       Relevant skills and experience
*       Objectives the volunteer hopes to achieve if she/he is able to take part in the SEP

  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Skype interview
  • More documents may be required

The deadline for submitting scholarship application is March 1st.

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For more detailed information about SEP you may visit Amity's long-term partner FCC website. There you will find schedules, materials, FAQs and you may access videos, teaching materials and testimonials:

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