Summer English Program (HK)

The Amity Foundation (Hong Kong) and the China Candlelight Education Fund have jointly sponsored the three-year Chenzhou English Program since August 2011. Its aim is to build up the capacity of English teachers in some Pilot Schools, who could in turn assist other schools. The key consultants drawn from a wide background of top-class expertise provided support to the three groups of practicing teachers: pilot schools, other primary schools and other junior secondary schools. With years of experience supporting English teachers on the Mainland, the consultants designed a range of interesting activities for the three groups of teachers.

If you want to participate in the program please contact:

Anthony Tong, Executive Director

[email protected]

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Teaching the teachers to teach

More than 100 junior secondary English teachers across Xin Hui District participated in an intense training camp lasting seven days. Besides lively talks, action-based workshops and one-on-one diagnostic sessions, English drama and talents quest type of activities helped teachers learn the language the “fun” way.

Teach teaching English the fun way
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Amity Foundation, Hong Kong organized the Summer Training Workshop for 100 Junior Secondary English teachers to improve their teaching skills through a two-pronged approach.