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Coronavirus Outbreak

Photo series

Solidarity, Care, and Sacrifices

Amity Philanthropy Valley Nursing Home under the coronavirus


Centenary of the Union

200 Million Bibles

Photo series

Going to the quarantine area

Wuhan emergency relief

Church support

from over the Pacific


Fatherly Love on

the Football Field

Football 1+1

From Freshwomen to empowered young ladies

University for Girls

Football 1+1 Football Camp

Photo Series

Showing your care

Service learning

A Tandem Bicycle

Advocacy for Inclusion

Boys and Girls are Equal

Football 1+1

People to People contact -

the best way for mutual understanding

International exchange

Assist in teaching -

learning about yourself

and others

International exchange

Revitalization of villages by building people up

Integrated Rural Development

Interview on

Diaconia in China

Interview with Prof. Dr. Kjell

If we have cooperation we can build new relationships and peace

Interview with International Christian University in Japan


Strengthening the learning partnership in Diaconia

Interview with Prof. Dietrich-Werner

Woyun – A reborn village

Ten years after the Sichuan Earthquake

A new chapter together

of cooperation, communication and creativity

Interview with Mr. Lilie

I didn't want to go to China just for traveling

Interview with Amity YAP volunteer

Qiu Zhonghui: Amity's poverty alleviation and development work

An overview

If this is going to work out, then it is where God wants me to be

Amity Teachers Program

Water is life

for Amren's Family

Helping drought affected people in Africa


Journey to the SDGs

An adventure with children

A journey to grow

A camp for Children at Risk

The world is right beside you

International Exchange

From Nanchang to Lhasa

Ride with AIDS 2017

HIV/AIDS prevention

The need for safe water in Ethiopia

Helping drought affected people in Africa

A life-transforming school

Amity's School Rebuilding Project Part III

Teaching the teachers to teach

English Teaching Workshop

We get the other side

of the story

Interview with Amity YAP volunteers

My skills and experience

might make a difference

Interview with Amity long-term teacher

Get a different perspective
Get to know yourself better

Interview with Amity YAP volunteers

Giving Back

to children with special needs in Africa

We will always be with you

International Children's Day


Those who receive give back

U for Girls - Orphan Summer Camp


More participation is welcomed

Integrated rural development project

Working together

to eradicate poverty

Survivors have

a long way to go

in restoring their livelihoods

Nepal Earthquake

Together we will face tomorrow

Stand with the

people of Nepal

Amity's disaster relief project in Nepal

An intense challenge and deep experience through

Service Learning


international exchange program

Empower women

to support Tujia

communities and culture

Amity's rural development project

Nepal Photo Series

The Latest staff visit to Nepal

Read an interview with

General-Secretary Qiu Zhonghui


Women's voices

After the Nepal Earthquake

'From today on, Linda is our daughter'

A Chinese student in Germany

The need for English teachers in the Province

How Chinese institutions prepare

for overseas teachers

Help for the Present

Hope for the Future

Nepal Earthquake

Taste of Love

Stories from the Amity Bakery

Long-term teaching

in Inner Mongolia

Read an interview with the Andersons


A walk as good on the heart as the legs

Walk for Living Water 2015

Self-organization is a key to achieve good governance

Read an interview with

General-Secretary Qiu Zhonghui

Living life like a butterfly

Read the message of Amity's WLW ambassador Lin Yiling


A spark of hope in the

mountains of Hunan

Amity's School Rebuilding Project Part I

An unhealthy school

Amity's School Rebuilding Project Part II

A tiny giant

A  second live for social worker Haibo


The dream of studying comes true for Fang Hua

Wheels for Love

Amity's wheelchair distribution Part I


Love makes barriers blur

Amity's wheelchair distribution Part II

Service Learning with Amity

"When i fell in love with China"

Teaching in rural China

"Going my own path"

Free lunch leads to a better life for elderly Mr. Zhu


Survey & Research

An interview with Li Juan

Ludian Disaster Relief Staff

Volunteering for Amity

"My fellow countrymen need me"

To pass on the spirit of philanthropy in the seismic area

Interview with He Wen

Volunteering at the Amity Family Retreat 2014

Thoughts by Zhang Zhidong

Kindle Love and Hope

Amity Orphan Fostering

The Spirit of self-reliance

Hayian Disaster Relief Rehabilitation

Solidarity and cooperation in the aftermath of Hayian

Hayian Disaster Relief Managment

Boats for Fishermen

Hayian Disaster Relief Rehabilitation

Walk for Living Water

Photo Series 2014

Armed with fortitude and resilience

Villagers survive Yolandas fury

Hayian Disaster Relief

Photo Series

Working on the grassroots

for Alzheimer’s alleviation

in China

A camp of warmness and youth empowerment

Amity Orphan Fostering


A letter for Hui Hui

When cakes deliver a message..

Amity Bakery