Solidarity, Care and Sacrifices - Amity Philanthropy Valley Nursing Home under the coronavirus

End of January, when the speed of the coronavirus outbreak accelerated, Amity Philanthropy Valley Nursing Home for the elderly implemented tough and comprehensive measures to ensure the safety of the 166 elderly residents.

The staff canceled all their future vacations and all employees stayed on their positions on duty. New temporary rules and management measures were introduced, which suspended the possibility for the residents from leaving the Nursing Home to see their relatives. Furthermore, visits from outside were canceled and the return of elderly, who have been at family gatherings during Chinese New Year, were suspended. Those measures received the understanding and support of the elderly in the nursing homes and their families.

Nurses of the Amity Philanthropy Valley Nursing Home during a morning briefing

The Nursing Home has established a daily morning inspection and registration system for the personnel. Every day, the temperature of the elderly and people entering and leaving the premises are measured. The medical staff, as well the residents also received special training to prevent the spread of the pneumonia virus. The training includes raising awareness of daily routines e.g. how to wear masks correctly and how to wash hands properly.

Regular disinfection of the premises is of the highest importance

The nurses and social worker taking care of the residents at the Amity Philanthropy Valley Nursing Home and the residents staying outside with their relatives

Every day, a specialized team of personnel is sterilizing the Nursing Home, in particular the areas where the elderly often come into contact with. In order to avoid panic and bring relief to the elderly and their families under the stressful circumstances caused by the situation of increased isolation, the social workers and nurses of the Nursing Home strengthened the work of accompanying and comforting the elderly.

Nurses comforting the elderly and making contact between them and their families during times of social isolation

Li Qing has been a caregiver in the Amity Philanthropy Valley Nursing Home for three years. Li Qing's husband died early, and her family relied on her support. In addition to her work, she also takes care of her father-in-law who has been in bedridden for a long time. After the epidemic broke out, Li Qing entrusted her family with her son, so she could keep her post.

Grandma Han, 91 years old, has mild Alzheimer's disease. Her children often used to visit her. At present, due to the temporary regulations in the Nursing Home, family members cannot come to visit her, which makes Grandma Han very uncomfortable. Her mood fluctuates and sometimes she even tries to go out to search for her family. When this happens, Li Qing is patiently persuading and comforting Grandma Han. She is using her cell phone and make Grandma Han contact her family via video call. Looking at her children's faces on the screen, Grandma Han will slowly calm down and smile ...

The nurses of Amity Philanthropy Valley Nursing Home canceled all their holidays to ensure the safety of the elderly residents during the coronavirus outbreak

Since the outbreak, Wang Jing, the director of Amity Philanthropy Valley Nursing Home, has only rarely returned home. She is responsible for maintaining the isolation measures of the Nursing Home, to organize the disinfectant measures of public areas, and to ensure the elderly well-being. For the 18 elderly people who were unable to return to the Amity Philanthropy Valley Nursing Home because of Chinese New Year, Wang Jing also makes special inquiries, such as understanding the physical and mental conditions of the elderly and give medical guidance. When Wang Jing is free to make a phone call to her 5-year-old daughter, she sighs: "My daughter always asks me when I will come home to play with her, and almost every day I say: tomorrow!"