Social Work is the topic of the new Amity Outlook

Download Amity Outlook No. 19.pdf

The latest issue of the Amity Outlook is published. Our quarterly publication No.19 focuses on social workers in China. Over the past decade, social work in China has undergone significant development. The Amity Outlook No.19 explains and informs about the rise of social work and its professionalization in China and introduces Amity's programs in this field. Besides innovative new services and projects of Amity in being a pioneer in social work in China, this issue of Amity's quarterly print publication also features personal stories of staff, who are working in Amity's social service centers. Moreover, you will find latest news and Amity's work on 'child protection'. Last but not least you may read three stories of women who benefited of Amity's empowerment programs for women in China's rural areas.

Since May 2017, Lu Yi is responsible of editing the Amity Outlook. You might also want to check out the former issues that were published since then.