Service Provision

Amity provides direct services to the disadvantaged through its social services entities. Apart from children with autism and young adults with learning difficulties, Amity also provides institutional and home based care to the elderly citizens. China has 200 million people above the age of 60. Amity puts its efforts in finding out the most suitable way to provide whole person care to the elderly in order that they can live a respectful and esteemed life. Hereby, Amity works with international experiences on the local level and situation.

The service centers Amity establishes not only work as center for service provision, but also for capacity building of its own staff and fellow colleagues in the field. Furthermore, the bases provide Amity volunteers with a platform where they can get involved in work through practice and get to know about Amity. We believe that the practice and operation of substantive units are essential to accumulating experience and will eventually aid in resource provision, capacity building and concept advocacy.