Self-Organized Programs by Farmers

Farmers have set up several self-organized programs with the assistance of the Amity Foundation in less developed county towns in Guangxi, Yunnan, Sichuan, and Inner Mongolia. These programs help enhance cohesion among farmers within the community and promote community development in terms of economy, culture, environment, sanitation and other aspects.

Farmers who have a vision usually set up cooperative organizations among themselves spontaneously. It aims at some goals and is established according to certain rules and processes. The core purpose of such organization is to benefit farmers themselves.

In the Amity projects, on the one hand, the establishment of such an organization facilitates sharing of best practices for rural households and offers various information on technological knowhow for community members. In this way, transaction cost is cut whereas production management efficiency rises. On the other hand, this organization functions as a platform for propagation of useful information among families, friends, neighbors and different communities. These members share the same values and life experience, which leads to the increasing trust among members within the organization, and creates a favorable atmosphere for community development, which would in turn be beneficial to all its members over the longer term.