Second Amity Table Tennis Cup takes place in Nanjing

About 700 people participants attended the second Amity Cup Table Tennis Game

From October 19 to 20, the Amity Foundation organized the second Amity Cup Table Tennis Game in Nanjing. Located at the Nanjing Olympic Sports Stadium, the event was supported by Jiangsu Table Tennis Association as well as local businesses. It combines sports for public health awareness with charity activities to encourage the public to pay attention and to participate in philanthropy. Proceeds of the event will be used for Amity's projects, supporting orphans, rural children, mentally challenged people and elderly.

Speech by the Chinese and Japanese friendship ambassador and former Japanese table tennis champion Kimiyo Matsuzaki

For the second time the “Amity Cup” has won wide support from all walks of life. The opening ceremony was attended by dignitaries of the sport and government sector. About 700 athletes from all over the country formed 117 teams to participate. The event also attracted the active participation of some overseas table tennis enthusiasts. Promotion ambassadors for the event are Li Ju, former table tennis Olympic champion, and Lei Xiaoning, a well-known painter in China.

Qiu Zhonghui, Chair of the Board of the Amity Foundation, recommended the way to combine table tennis and philanthropy. He said in his speech that table tennis and philanthropy both advocate and pursue a fair and healthy life. With this goal Amity and partners holding the Amity Cup.

Speech by Qiu Zhonghui, Chair of the Board of the Amity Foundation

The Chinese and Japanese friendship ambassador and former world table tennis champion Ms.Kimiyo Matsuzaki also attended the opening ceremony. In her speech, she fondly recalled her meeting with Premier Zhou Enlai and Chinese table tennis champion Mr. Xu Yinsheng in the 1960s. She emphasized the importance to continue to contribute to Chinese-Japanese friendship.

In a historic meeting, Premier Zhou Enlai and Ms. Kimiyo Matsuzaki and Xu Yinsheng jointly toasted (left). Unveiling of table tennis relics (right).

At the opening ceremony, Mr. Zuo Anquan, Executive Vice President of the Jiangsu Table Tennis Association, together with other three dignitaries from China and Japan unveiled the cultural relics of the event - table tennis rackets and nets produced in the UK with more than 100 years of history, and a table tennis ball that is 90 years old.

Ms. Matsuzaki and Mr. Xu Yinsheng opened the tournament with an opening play

In addition to corporate social responsibility, this year's event also emphasized public awareness on philanthropic concepts. By advocating for public donations, Amity organized a Charity Market outside the venue. Besides 62 booths selling second-hand goods and organic food, Amity also set up a platform receiving winter clothing suitable for primary school students, which will bring warmth to the children in poverty-stricken areas.

Charity market outside the Olympic Stadium

During the event, there were also CPR exposure and demonstrations to raise awareness and capacity for first aid among the public.

Raising awareness for CPR among the attendees