Strengthen the global partnership for sustainable development

The Amity Foundation celebrates the opening of its International Liaison Office with friends and partners in the Geneva Ecumenenical Center

The world today is more interconnected than ever before. Improving access to technology and knowledge is an important way to share ideas and foster innovation. A successful sustainable development agenda requires inclusive partnerships among governments, the private sector and civil society. Strong commitment to partnership and cooperation is needed to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. That effort will require a reinvigorated Global Partnership for Sustainable Development. Action is needed to mobilize trans-formative power and win private and public resources to deliver sustainable development objectives. Review and monitoring frameworks, regulations and incentive structures should be strengthened. The social and third sector in China is still underdeveloped and just begins to internationalize. The Amity Foundation provides a platform and a model for sustainable development and global partnership for China and in the world. Since its founding in 1985, the Christian faith-based Amity Foundation has been participating in national and international networks promoting partnership and cooperation.


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