Schools, Scholarships and Orphan Fostering

Subjected to the constraints of economic development, insufficient transport facilities and the unfavorable locations, China’s rural areas especially in the western part of the country have been suffering a severe shortage of educational resources. For many years, beginning from the early 90s, Amity has been attached great importance to help children from poor families to enjoy the rights of basic education. Nowadays, Amity supports poor students, orphans and left behind children by covering scholarships, living costs, school material and medical costs.

By rebuilding and supporting schools in rural and mountanious areas, Amity contributes to the development of healthy and harmonious village enviroments. In order to find sustainable solutions for the exodus to the cities, Amity is working together with the local population and the local authorities. Economic migration and urbanization often leave the most vulnerable people in the villages behind. Often they lack of resources, opportunities and equal chances. Education leads to empowerment, which is the first step to a better future. Among Amity's beneficiaries, underprivileged groups as girls and kids from poverty-stricken regions receive special attention.

Our focuses are:

  • children and students
  • sponsorship of orphans
  • scholarships for school and university students
  • rebuilding schools and school facilities
  • sponsorship of school equipment
  • advocacy for children rights

Sample projects

Rural Orphan Fostering Project

According to the statistics, there are over 600,000 orphans in China now, with one third of them desperate for support. Most orphans living in rural areas have to depend on grandparents or other relatives before they are able to make a living on their own. Read more about Amity’s orphan project and how to support it. (link)

University for Girls Project

In China, especially in underdeveloped rural areas, discrimination against women exists.  It normally takes girls more efforts to perform academically as well as their boy counterparts. Therefore, Amity is providing scholarships for girls in Guangxi and Guizhou province. Over the past three years, 244 girls benefited of the project. (link)

School Construction Project

Since 1995, Amity has persisted in supporting this project of “School Construction in the Mountains. While we are still supporting village school constructions in West China, our project content changed from the sole construction of school buildings to the providing and equipment of school facilities. (link)