School building program in remote areas

School Building Program in rural areas

Since 1995, Amity has persisted in supporting the project “School Construction in the Mountains”. Over 80,000 teachers and students have benefited. They have moved from the dilapidated schools to new buildings with spacious and bright classrooms. While we are still supporting village school construction in West China, we noticed the changes and development of the local schools and the educational situation. Many village schools had been amalgamated for consolidation and development. Our project content changed accordingly from the sole construction of school buildings to the construction of dormitories, school libraries, computer rooms, and gym sites etc.


Read the latest report of Amity’s school building staff to experience more about the childrens' environment and communities' circumstances in mountainous areas. (link)

A spark of hope in the

mountains of Hunan

Amity's School Rebuilding Project Part I


An unhealthy school

Amity's School Rebuilding Project Part II