Rende Foundation

Shanghai Rende Foundation is initiated by Amity. It aims at supporting non-governmental public services, promoting philanthropic innovation and accelerating philanthropic industry development. It is the second grant-making foundation initiated by a non-governmental organization in Shanghai.

By mobilizing resources from the government, foundation industries, and enterprises, Rende Foundation successfully establishes the first domestic Foundation Service Park (The Park) located at Shanghai Pudong New Area for promoting the healthy development of foundations. The establishment of the Park is especially made possible with the support from Pudong Civil Affairs Bureau and the Xin Hu Group.

The Park is a training base offering integrated services to the foundations in Shanghai including administrative support, counseling, capacity building and information sharing. With the cooperation between government, enterprises and social organizations, the Park aims at building a platform for gathering resources, mobilizing foundations, promoting cooperation between different sectors, and creating a philanthropic industrial chain of public services.The Park was established and brought into operation in the end of 2011. It occupies about 1000 square meter including its office room, multi-functional conference hall, library and information center and other public service areas. With the stewardship of the Park, Rende Foundation decides to upgrade all the current facilities and equipments in the Park including the books in the library.

Appearance of the Park                      Entrance                                    Office

                Library               Multi Functional Conference Room         Greeting Area

Foundation’s library is located inside of the Park. It occupies the area of 76 square meters. It provides various of published books, annual reports and information data from home and aboard to the foundations, non-governmental organizations or philanthropic organizations. Up till now, more than 300 books have been stored in the library, including 60 English books and 20 foundation annual reports. However, there is an urgent need for collecting more books with the latest information related to the foundations. Currently, Rende Foundation is contacting with US Foundation Center and other international information centers actively in order to get books’ donation from aboard. If you or your organizations have some new books in topics of foundations’ development, NGOs, philanthropy and charity, we are looking forward to hear from you. Please contact us with the information below. Thank you for your support and donation!

Address:Foundation Service Park, Rm208, Block B, NO.633 Eshan Rd. Pudong, Shanghai, 200127 Phone:(0086)021-60470262

Email:[email protected]