Relief work for Typhoon Hayian victims underway


The central part of Philippine suffered a wide-ranged damage by typhoon Haiyan on November 8. Due to the vast devastation and the magnitude of this disaster, Amity responded immediately to the request for help of our partner organization in the Philippines KAISA Para Sa Kaunlaran.

Since November 8, KAISA has been providing emergency supplies, including food, bottled water, and other supplies like sanitarian products and tents. A great number of volunteers from different organizations helped in packing and delivering the supplies as soon as possible.

Within the first week after the disaster, KAISA distributed 4,470 packs of emergency supplies to Northern Iloilo, in cities like Conception, Estancia and Sara. Even with the chaos in the aftermath of the disaster, KAISA ensured the supplies were distributed fairly and in order. Since mid-to-late November KAISA provided relief, to the coastal areas of Ajuy that were not accessible except by pumping boats. They also offered help in other areas, including in Leyte and Roxas City. In Estancia the organization helped local police in restoring communication equipment to ensure security is properly maintained.

On 19th November, Amity Hong Kong sent HK$ 70,000 to KAISA for buying supplies and other necessities. On December 2, Amity Hong Kong was granted HK$ 2,057,000 from the Hong Kong Disaster Relief Fund to help the victims in the Fifth district of Northern Iloilo.

The relief work has been underway with continuous progress. After one month of this tragedy, there are continuing voices asking for help from the remote islands, such as Culion. The work is gradually shifting to restore livelihood and destroyed infrastructure. The Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club Foundation has already granted funds to restore livelihood for affected families with children in Northern Iloilo.

Amity Foundation thanks all donors for their generous donation to alleviate the suffering of victims and ease the crisis of Hayian. We also call for further donations to support the reconstruction of the Filipinos’ livelihood during the Christmas season.

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“It is not how much we give, it is the message of solidarity that counts - let them know they are not alone” –Baldwin Kho, a volunteer.

Martin Lachmann