Relief for flood victims in Sri Lanka

Amity staff and local partners are distributing relief packages to people in need

The Amity Foundation teamed up with its local partners to provide emergency relief items to households in Sri Lanka, which were seriously affected by recent floods and landslides from 14 to 26 September. The disaster relief project ensures affected people receive effective humanitarian assistance, protecting them from further hazards caused by disasters, thus maintaining their dignity.

Amity staff from Hong Kong and Nanjing worked closely with its local ACT Alliance partner the National Christian Council (NCC) and the Church of Ceylon providing kitchen utensils, bedding items, dry rations and hygiene kits to more than 1,800 families, equivalent to more than 7,400 people. The relief supplies were handed out at 8 distribution places according to the needs of the local communities.

The relief aid was designed through a prior need assessment. People are happily receiving aid according to their needs

“The assessment and packaging was done with the support of local authorities and a trained volunteering network, including the cooperation of inter-religious organizations,” explains Amy, Amity's Hong Kong disaster relief officer. After beneficiaries were identified by the local authorities, trained volunteers reached out to them for further need assessment. According to their needs different aid packages were provided.

Amity staff is checking invoices and paper work of local partners (left). Relief supplies were stored and distributed by local partners in churches (right), schools or temples

The project relied on a well-trained volunteering and interreligious network. A Buddhist volunteer at a temple used as a distribution site (left). People are standing line to register before the distribution (right)

The relief work funded by the Hong Kong Disaster Relief Funds facilitated relief to the victims of the floods and help them restore their normal living. Earlier this year, the Amity Foundation sent medical care teams providing medical assistance and emergency aid items.

Beneficiaries had to register with supply cards that had been handed out before (left). Volunteers helping elderly to carry relief supplies (right).