Record turnout of Amity's Walk for Living Water 2018

More than 600 people attended Amity's Walk for living Water 2018

On May 5th, Amity's annual advocacy and fundraising event attracted a record turnout of more than 600 participants in Hong Kong. Families, volunteers, students, corporate groups and private and official institutions gathered at the SKH Ma on Shan Holy Spirit Primary School to advocate in respond of the United Nation's World Water Day on March 22, 2018. The theme for World Water Day 2018 is ‘Nature for Water’. In addition, Amity also responded to the SDG Goal 6: Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all. This year's Walk was the first time jointly organized with Amity's long year partner the Hong Kong Water Department.

Various booths entertain and educate participants at a carnival with games relating to the theme water

The games are fun for everyone. This year's Walk also provided a VR experience

Besides student groups, the Hong Kong Water Department also provided booths and information boards

Participants walked 3.6 kilometers on the Ma on Shan promenade to raise awareness of the fact that 2.1 billion people live without safe sanitation and drinking water at home; affecting their health, education and livelihoods. Besides, calling for the public to safe water, Amity also collected funds to build solar energy bathrooms in primary schools in remote regions of Qinghai Province, which are affected by water scarcity. Last years project, which will be finished this summer and will benefit 700 students and teachers with clean water. During the Walk for Living Water 2018 about 600,000 HKD was raised, improving sanitation and personal hygiene for more than 1,800 people at another primary school in Qinghai.

Miss Ho Chee Ching presents a cheque of 300,000 HKD for the WLW project (left). During the kick-off ceremony balloons are passed among the audience (right)

In 2018, Amity Hong Kong has replaced the loads of bottled water with bags of rice, which were donated afterwards to the Hong Kong She Kung Hui Welfare Council. Those will be distributed to families in need. In his speech, the director of the water department, Wong Chung Leung reminded the audience that Hong Kong's local resources are inadequate to meet the fresh water demand in the city. Hong Kong has been importing Dongjiang water from Guangzhou since 1965 to meet local water demand. This water source supplies water for more than 40 million people in the region. He appealed to the people of Hong Kong to save water and to face the water crisis together.

Participants of the Walk were carrying loads of rice on a distance of 3.6 kilometers

Amity's Walk for Living Water Campaign was established seven years ago, supporting people affected by a global water crisis, which is worsening. In 2017, Amity provided fresh water trucking to people in Ethiopia. The Sustainable Development Goal 6 commits the world to ensure that everyone has access to safe water by 2030. This includes protecting the natural environment and reducing pollution.