Rebirth of Woyun Village - Amity Outlook

Almost 11 years ago, on May 12, 2008, the Sichuan earthquake devastated large parts of China. From 2008 to 2018, people remembered and cared for the people and land that suffered from the earthquake. Those lovely and strong villagers in Woyun Village, which were supported by Amity Foundation in the post-disaster reconstruction, are no exception. Amity Foundation participated in the reconstruction work after the earthquake in Woyun Village, and witnessed the restoration and rebirth of the villagers of Woyun with sweat and tears.

Now, how is Woyun Village? Do the achievements and ideas cultivated by Amity in the post-disaster reconstruction in the village still exist? Are those villagers doing well in these years? Has the trauma kept Woyun Village struggling? With these questions, Amity staff once again walked into Woyun Village.

Besides this focus on Amity's disaster reconstruction work in Woyun, the latest Amity Outlook No.24 features stories about the Amity Bakery. Fang Jun, Director of Amity's online fundraising team, gives his opinion about the booming online charity industry in China. Amity Outlook also provides news about the latest developments and projects of Amity. Download the Amity Outlook No.24 here.