Raising awareness of autism in China


On April 2, the 10th World Autism Awareness Day was celebrated. Consequently, the Amity Foundation joined hands with a radio broadcast station, the Nanjing metro line and China Post Nanjing to reach out to the community.

Activities are organized in the metro (left) and in the post office (right)

In order to raise awareness for people affected by autism, especially among children, a series of activities with the slogan Love’s The Best Voice were launched. In the metro station, poems were recited and broadcasted. Additionally, China Post branches displayed postcards with autistic children’s paintings. Passing by kids wrote their blessings on the backside of the postcards.

Volunteers receive certificates and accolades

“We cannot replace them; it is difficult to feel their pain; but at least we can, today and hopefully every day in the future, strive to create a warm social environment. When the world shows love, the Children from the Stars are not longer alone,” says Ms. Wang, director of the Amity Development Center for Children.

Beginning of 2017, the Amity Development Center for Children launched a project to provide free lunch

for poor children with autism

 The Amity Foundation advocates for autism awareness for many years and organizes conferences, workshops, retreats and group activities. The Amity Development Center for Children, founded in 2008, offers professional care, counseling and other support for affected families. Amity Bakery proves that autistic people are able to receive vocational training and even become professionals in some jobs.

In present China, children with autism are often called Children from the Stars. However, autism is more widely discussed among the Chinese society, especially on social media. Advocating for people with autism and their families will clear up misconceptions, help the marginalized and encourage further discussions about integration and inclusion in China.