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Annual Report

Our Annual Reports provide information on our activities of the last years. Here you can find our latest stories, developments, facts and figures.

Amity Outlook

The Amity Outlook is a quarterly publication reporting on the projects of the Amity Foundation and communicating the news related to the Protestant churches in China. Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of the Amity Foundation. Materials can be reproduced with acknowledgement.

Chinese Theological Review

CTR is  one of the few—perhaps the only—journal focusing on the Protestant churches in China to present Chinese voices directly, taking a more documentary approach by providing translated theological essays, church statements, sermons, etc. for an English-language readership. Published since 1985, the Chinese Theological Review is a publication of the Foundation for Theological Education in South East Asia. Subscription information can be obtained from [email protected]. Back issues are available.

Christianity & Social Development in China

“What kind of Christianity will contribute to the development of a harmonious society?” “How do faith-based organizations contribute to building a harmonious society in the Chinese context?” “What kind of environment is necessary for the growth and development of FBOs?” Read what Catholic and Protestant leaders, renowned scholars, theologians and development practitioners from China and abroad have to say on the strengths and weaknesses of Chinese FBOs, their importance to China’s development, the environment that nurtures them, their partnership with INGOs, and the prospects for their continued growth and development. For orders and further information please contact: [email protected]

Toward a Shared Sustainable Future

It is with great pride that we bring to you some of the valuable insights shared and distilled at the December 2016 international conference in Nanjing on “Religions, Values, Ethics and Development”. We wish to thank all participants in and organizers of our 2016 conference. The papers in the book 'Toward a Shared Sustainable Future - The role of Religion, Values and Ethics' offer readers some of the important perspectives on what we have tried to accomplish.

Amity Brochure

The Amity Foundation at a glance. Read about Amity's work focus and flagship projects in our new brochure. It includes an introduction of Amity's history, structure and summaries of our branch offices.

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