Pfrang students visit Nanjing


End of August, eight graduating students, sponsored by the Pfrang Association, travelled to Nanjing for a three-day trip. These students, from Funing in northern Jiangsu, were the first ever to visit the Pfrang Association, in what has been an activity three years in the making.

The students, along with one of their teachers and a representative of the Amity Foundation, arrived at Nanjing International School ( NIS) at noon and met with some of the staff and students who have been long time contributors to the Pfrang cause.

Pfrang students visit Amity and their sponsors in Nanjing

Our visitors spent half a day getting to know NIS, enjoying lunch and attending classes. Several members of the NIS community kindly invited the Pfrang students to stay with them during their time in Nanjing. On the second day of the trip the students attended a morning tour of several Amity projects including their bakery, children’s development center and the Amity Printing Company.

“It was lovely to have this opportunity to come together and we’re already looking forward to our next opportunity. A big thanks to the host families, NIS and the Amity Foundation,” said one of the organizers.

It has become a tradition in NIS that Pfrang host the Pfrang Sport Day every year. This year, it will take place on September 23 Saturday. Come to NIS and have fun at Pfrang Day!

Pfrang's aim is to support students until they complete their middle school education. Since 2000, the Pfrang Association has provided more than 1000 students with the opportunity to go to school. With the help of the Amity Foundation, the Pfrang Association is able to locate students in rural Jiangsu province in need of financial support to finish their schooling. Pfrang carefully reviews the applications. Once students are supported by Pfrang, the Amity Foundation continually monitors their eligibility, academic achievement and behaviours. Random school checks are conducted by members of the Pfrang Association to ensure the students are reaching their potential and that our financial aid is not mismanaged.