People-to-People Cooperation between China and Nepal

Recently four officers from the Amity offices visited Nepal to monitor the disaster relief progress and to exchange latest developments with Amity's local partner LWF (Lutheran World Federation). They observed that after four months many people's lives in Nepal are still in acute danger and hardship due to insufficient shelter, medical support and lack of sanitation. Roads destroyed by landslides and cracked houses exacerbates the situation in many mountainous regions.

People are still displaced and depend on emergency shelter and supplies.

During the last four month the Amity Foundation provided emergency relief supplies in the aftermath of the Nepal earthquake. The emergency supplies distributed by Amity covered altogether 8,416 households in six districts of Nepal.

The items distributed were for basic subsistence purposes and included food, blankets, hygiene kits and materials for emergency shelters. The shelters, including latrines enable families whose homes have been destroyed to live in healthy and rainproof emergency structures. The goods were provided with the generous support from the Hong Kong Government and donors from Mainland China, Hong Kong and overseas friends. In particular vulnerable groups and families benefiting from the relief efforts included women, children, ethnic minorities and impoverished people.

Amity staff is talking to local partners (left) and beneficiaries on site (right) to get information about the progress of the joint relief operation.

The Amity Foundation responded to the ACT Alliance emergency appeal to support the victims of the earthquake. By teaming up with the local ACT partner LWF Nepal, the Amity Foundation was the first ACT partner organization which was able to send staff to Nepal. LWF Country Director Dr. Prabin Mandahar said he was surprised when he was contacted by a Chinese NGO. “Who is that? Yes, come over!” Dr. Prabin recounts when he was contacted by the director of Amity's Project Management Department Mr. He Wen, who offered Amity's financial help and to sent relief workers immediately after the devastating earthquake.

Dr. Prabin also expressed his appreciation of Amity being a Chinese NGO and ACT Alliance member giving support. “This cooperation shows that people-to-people cooperation between China and Nepal can really work. This sets an example for people-to-people relationship.” He also expressed his wish and hope for more cooperation in the future. After the emergency phase of the disaster relief project the Amity Foundation will also work closely with our partners on integrated followup projects that focus on rehabilitation, reconstruction and livelihood development.

View a photo series of our latest staff visit to Nepal

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