Amity’s achievements and progress are attained only with the care and concern of partners from home and abroad, friends from all walks of society and government at all levels. Only with the tender loving care and support of our partners, Amity has been able to move forward step by step in such a way that its efforts can be sustained. Today, after more than 28 years, Amity is still probing the road ahead in its social undertakings. Amity wishes to go forward hand in hand with more local and international organizations as well as individuals to help more people in need.

Local Partners

In order to ensure that donations and support reach the people who are in need and to meet standards of sustainability, we are working with the people and not over the peoples’ heads. We are cooperating with the local communities to discuss and meet the necessities in advance. Local partners of Amity are reliable authorities, churches, NGOs, schools or other institutions.

Overseas Partners

Amity’s work has earned the understanding and participation of many overseas churches and friends. Ever since the first group of Amity teachers came to China in 1985, Amity’s Education and International Exchange Program has received more than 3,000 long-term and short-term language teachers from various countries. Furthermore, Amity has received over tens of thousands of overseas friends seeking cooperation or visits.

These dynamic non-governmental exchanges have helped Amity broaden its international horizon, and improved communication and understanding among different countries, nations and cultures. Many Amity partners and friends have become Amity’s ambassadors, playing a special role in publicizing our social development work and introducing China’s economic and social development in a holistic and objective way.

For more detailed information please view our Annual Report