Amity Calendar 2020 focus on SDGs

Amity caledar 2020, SDGs China, Amity

Order the Amity calendar 2020! This year's calendar exposes Amity projects and relating them to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The SDGs address the social, economic and environmental problems in development, which also match with the mission of Amity.

Second Amity Table Tennis Cup takes place in Nanjing

Amity Cup, charity in China, table tennis China, Amity table tennis

From October 19 to 20, the Amity Foundation organized the second Amity Cup Table Tennis Game in Nanjing. Located at the Nanjing Olympic Sports Stadium. Proceeds of the event will be used for Amity's projects, supporting orphans, rural children, mentally challenged people and the elderly.

Amity Outlook – 40 Years of Reform and Opening-up

Amity Outlook 25, Amity stories, Amity Foundation, Quarterly publication

'Making changes, lighting up hopes' is the theme of the latest Amity Outlook. Issue No.25 focuses on the anniversary of 40 years of Reform and Opening-up in China and Amity's part in it. It features success stories of projects that brought life transforming changes to people over the past decades.

Summer Academy on Diaconia 2019 has concluded in Nanjing

Summer Academy China, Diaconia in China, Theology China, Diaconal education/work China

Held on September 13 to 19, the intense training included lectures and discussions on the Diaconal church, biblical reflections on the SDGs 2030, and spiritual and psychological preparations for diaconal practitioners. Co-hosted by Nanjing Union Seminary, 30 pastors, church leaders and lay workers participated.

Amity ranks No.10 on 99 Giving Day

99 Giving Day 2019, 9/9 China Charity Day, Tencent Carity Day, Amity fundraising

On the fifth Tencent 99 Giving Day, the Amity Foundation takes the 10th place in the ranking of most successful fundraising organizations. Amity cooperated with 330 organizations and supported 435 projects. The motto of this year’s fundraising event was “Do good things together” (一块做好事).