Rebirth of Woyun Village - Amity Outlook

Amity Outlook 24, Amity publication, Woyun, disaster reconstruction China

Almost 11 years ago, on May 12, 2008, an earthquake devastated Sichuan Province. Amity Foundation participated in the reconstruction work after the earthquake in Woyun Village. Now, how is Woyun Village? This and more in Outlook No.24.

Amity Outlook on Women and Social Work

Amity Outlook 23, Amity publication, women and social service in China

It is a special pleasure to introduce Amity's latest quarterly publication. The focus of Amity Outlook No.23 is on social worker in China. In particular, this issue focuses on women who are working in this field and who passionately serving for the underprivileged and needy in China's society.

Ten Commandments of Food

10 Commandments of Food, WCC and Amity, advocacy for zero hunger

The Ten Commandments of Food address the existential challenge of hunger and inequity in this world in an innovative and spiritually engaging way. The Ten Commandments of Food were proposed by World Council of Churches (WCC) and are now translated by the Amity Foundation into Chinese.

Amity Calendar 2019: Rural Revitalization

Amity Calendar 2019, rural revitalization, rural development China

Amity Foundation's annual calendar for 2019 is published. This year's theme is rural revitalization. The pictures feature various aspects and facets of Amity's rural development and revitalization projects.