Building awareness for inter-religious respect

Amity notebook, inter-religious dialogue, Amity calendar, peace

The Amity Foundation teams up to promote inter-religious communication, respect and appreciation of diversified faith, culture and traditions. Therefore, we have joined hands and compiled a notebook.

Amity brochure available for download

Amity at a glance, Amity overview, The Amity Foundation summary

The Amity Foundation at a glance. Read about Amity's work focus and flagship projects in our new brochure. The brochure includes introductions of Amity's history, milestones, structure and branch offices.

Hope in Action – Putting People first

ACT Alliance, Hope in Action, China international alliance, ACT General Assembly 2018

More than 145 ACT members attended the third General Assembly of ACT Alliance in Upsalla, Sweden. Mr. Qiu Zhonghui, Chairman of the Amity Foundation, was elected as one of the new Governing Board Members.

Book release: Toward a Shared Sustainable Future

Toward a Shared Sustainable Future - The role of Religion, Values and Ethics, Christianity and China, China faith-based development, Amity

It is with great pride that we bring to you some of the valuable insights shared and distilled at the December 2016 international conference in Nanjing on “Religions, Values, Ethics and Development”. The book 'Toward a Shared Sustainable Future - The role of Religion, Values and Ethics'.

Amity teams up to build partnerships in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka relief work, Amity disaster relief, Amity Foundation in Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka flooding, China and Sri Lanka

In recent years, through the active coordination and liaison by the Overseas Jiangsu Friendship Association, the Sri Lanka China Society, and the Amity Foundation started to cooperate in joint development efforts.