Chinese Theological Review 29 available for download

Chinese Theological Review 29, Chinese Church Voices, Church in China, Sinicization Protestant Church

The electronic issue of the Chinese Theological Review (CTR) Volume 29 is available for download. CTR is focusing on the Protestant churches in China to present Chinese voices directly, taking a more documentary approach by providing translated theological essays, church statements, sermons, etc. for an English-language readership.

Mr. Qiu elected Vice President and Board Member of CCA

China Charity Alliance, promote civil society China, Amity and CCA, Mr Qiu China Charity Alliance Vice President

At the Second Member Summit of the China Charity Alliance (CCA), Qiu Zhonghui, Chair of the Amity Foundation, was elected as Vice President and Board Member. The CCA is an organization and platform for cooperation and mutual exchange among the third sector in China and is a major player in the Chinese civil society sector.

Mr. Qiu meets Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmend

Amity in Africa, China Ethiopia cooperation, Mr Qiu meets Abiy Ahamed

Board Chair of the Amity Foundation and Amity Printing Company, Mr. Qiu Zhonghui, met with Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahamed during a signing ceremony of an MOU between Amity and the Ethiopian government on establishing a printing company in Ethiopia in the future.

University for Girls Project further expands in 2019

U for Girls, quality education, SDG4, education in China, gender equality, SDG5, sholarship China

In the year 2019, Amity's University for Girls Project, which provides scholarships and accompanies female university students from difficult backgrounds, expands its scale of operation. Over the past 10 years, the University for Girls Program has supported more than 450 students.