Final conference on Amity's bilingual education project

With its 10th anniversary Amity's conference on SigAm bilingual deaf education projects reached a temporal milestone. Participant spoke out to continue the fruitful work of research, exchange and cooperation between scholars, authorities and special education teachers.

Join the Amity Easter Tour 2014

Experience China in a unique way by joining the Amity Easter Tour 2014 on 17-25 April. Besides visiting famous sightseeing places and Christian communities in Beijing the tour leads to Guizhou where participants can experience Amity’s development work.

Earthquake strikes Dingxi province

On 22 July 2013, a series of earthquakes shook Dingxi, Gansu Province, northwest China. The first quake struck at 07:54 China Standard Time (CST), with the epicenter located at the border of Min County and Zhang County.