Project Management for farmers and ethnic minorities

Amity Foundation held a Project Management Seminar on integrated rural development and protection of cultural heritage of ethnic minorities in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region. Nearly 70 local partners of Amity, scholars and experts, and staff of the P.M. Center of Amity Foundation discussed and exchanged ideas and experiences.

Raising awareness for safe water

Amity improves the situation on the ground in poverty-stricken, water-deprived mountainous villages and raises awareness among the younger generation in prosperous cities like Hong Kong of their own role in water preservation.

Relief work for Typhoon Hayian victims underway

The central part of Philippines suffered a wide-ranged damage by typhoon Haiyan on November 8. Due to the vast devastation and the magnitude of this disaster, Amity responded immediately to the request for help of our partner organization in the Philippines KAISA Para Sa Kaunlaran.

Learning how to talk about AIDS

A consultant from Sweden explaining HIV related topics on a clipboard

Providing information and material about AIDS can take place in a relaxed atmosphere. That this is probably the best way to raise awareness about this sensitive topic proofed Amity’s seminar where grass-root organizations were taught how to elucidate HIV.