Amity Printing wins ‘Benny Award’ for 100 Millionth Bible Edition

Amity Printing Press, Bilbe printing China, Benny award

Amity Printing Press participated in the 65th Premier Print Awards, the world's most prestigious international print competition, hold in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Out of more than 3,000 entries Amity’s Commemorative Bible won the highest honor in the Innovation category ‘Benny Award’. The jury selected the company's work as an example of the highest standards of the printing industry.

Ludian Earthquake - Update

Ludian Earthquake, disaster relief, Yunnan earthquake, Amity disaster relief

On 20 August the Hong Kong Disaster Relief Fund approved grants of HKD 6.317 million to the Amity Foundation for providing relief to earthquake victims in Yunnan Province on the Mainland.

First batch of supplies arrives in Ludian County

Ludian eartquake, disaster relief, help, Yunnan earthquake 2014, Amity ermergency relief

In the evening on 4 August at 8.30pm, the first batch of relief supplies arrived in Huodehong Township, Ludian. The town is about 10 kilometers beeline away from the epicenter of the earthquake. Amity delivered 10,000 bottles of water, 5 tons of rice and 600 buckets of cooking oil.

Emergency appeal - Ludian Earthquake

Ludian earthquake, disaster relief, Yunnan erthquake, Amity emergency disaster relief, Yunnan earthquake, emergency appeal

On Sunday 3 August, 2014 at 4.40pm, an earthquake of 6.5 magnitude on the Richter scale struck southwest China, Yunnan. At least 398 people died and more than 1,800 are injured. In the quake zone more than 12,000 houses have toppled and more than 30,000 have been severely damaged.