Amity Outlook No.7 is available

Amity Outlook No. 7, Education, Exchange Program, Print Publication, A Quaterly Bulletin

The first Amity Outlook in the year 2014 is published. The quarterly bulletin’s topic is Education and International Exchange. Volunteers from Service Learning and Young Adults programmes have stories to tell about their lives in China.

The Chinese Theological Review (CTR) reaches a milestone

Chinese Theological Review CTR

The year 1985 marks the birth of Amity Foundation as well as the inauguration of the Chinese Theological Review (CTR). Today “CTR is one of the few — perhaps the only — journal focusing on the Protestant churches in China to present Chinese voices directly.

Joining Hands for Love

Mr. Qiu Zhonghui, Bread for the World, Amity General secretary, partner meeting

From March 18 to 20, The Amity Foundation hosted “Bread for the World” China Partner Meeting in Nanjing. Apart from representatives from Bread for the world, 43 participants from 22 organizations both in mainland China and H.K. attended this conference.