Amity's International Workshop on Disaster Relief and Rehabilitation exceeds all expectations

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From October 31 to November 2, the Amity Foundation organized an international workshop on disaster relief in Nanjing.  Almost 100 participants attended the conference to exchange the latest developments, experiences and prospects of disaster alleviation and cooperation in China and Asia. Over two days twenty-five presentations were given on various topics about disaster relief and management.

Book publication: Christianity & Social Development in China

international ecumenical conference on Religion and Social Development, Christianity & Social Development in China, China Christianity, Amity Foundation book releases, conference on Christianity in China

In May 2012, the Amity Foundation organized an international ecumenical conference on “Religion and Social Development” in Nanjing. Selected papers of this conference are now being published in the book “Christianity & Social Development in China”, edited by Theresa C. Carino. The book can be purchased from Amity Hong Kong. For orders and further information please contact: [email protected]