Yi Ling receives 'Regeneration Warriors Award 2014'

Amity Foundation, volunteering, Yiu Ling, Walk for Living Water ambassador, loving hearts awardaward

Do you remember the little girl standing on the stage during the Living Water Campaign in March last year? Her name is Yi Ling, the student ambassador for Living Water in 2013-2014. This winter, Yi Ling was elected to be the youngest 'Regeneration Warrior Volunteer'.

Interfaith dialogue for social development in China

Amity Foundation, religious cooperation, faith-based organisations China, interfaith dialogue, workshop of religious organisations doing social development

A training program for faith-based social development organizations was launched in Nanjing on 21 July. The purpose was to further streamline the good work that has been done by religious organizations in Jiangsu Province, to improve the quality of services offered and to promote generally the development of such organizations.

Conference addresses the need for greater multi-sectoral collaboration in China

Amity Foundation, International Conference on Disaster Relief, disaster relief, disaster rehabilitation, disaster managment

Close to 100 participants gathered at the first international relief workshop 'Disaster Relief and Rehabilitation in Asia: Best practices and new challenges.' The workshop touched on the multiple dimensions of relief and rehabilitation work and had made a breakthrough in promoting the need for greater multi-sectoral collaboration in China and in the Asian region.

Love Does Not Forget

Amity Foundation, international symposium on elderly services and cognitive disorders, dementia in China, Alzheimer's disease, Love Does Not Forget

On November 7 and 8, 2014, the Amity Foundation organized an international symposium on elderly services and cognitive disorders in Nanjing under the name 'Love Does Not Forget'. More than 240 participants from more than 30 Chinese and foreign institutions, who are working in this area of concern, attended the two-day conference.

Autism diagnoses on the rise in China

5th Amity Foundation International Symposium on Autism, mental disorder in China, Amity Foundation, autism, awarness, mental illness

The 5th Amity Foundation International Symposium on Autism was held in Nanjing on October 11-15, 2014. Professionals from Chinese special education and health sectors participated, along with experts from the United States, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and others from 22 domestic non-governmental organizations involved in autistic children’s rehabilitation.