Promoting new ideas and good practices - Outlook No.10

Amity Outlook No.10, capacity building China, promote ideas, promote civil society in China

One of the most crucial roles non-governmental organizations can play in society is to advocate and promote policies and ideas. Amity Outlook No.10 gives examples of the various ways Amity promotes the spirit of philanthropy and actively puts new ideas into practice.

Deborah Retreat – a camp for women pastors

Women pastors in China, pastor reatreat camp, Amity church projects, Jiangsu Christian Fund, Chinese ministry

The first ‘Deborah Retreat’ was held from March 24th to 28th, 2015 in beautiful Hengjian, Liyang. Forty women pastors from different parts of Jiangsu were invited to a recreational camp. The camp is an initiative to strengthen the resilience and capacities of Chinese female pastors and to lay a solid foundation for Chinese ministry.

Charity sales for Down’s syndrome patients

Amity, charity bazaar, Down's syndrom China, advocacy, charity

On March 21st, the International Down Syndrome Day, the Amity Foundation along with the Bank of China Jiangsu hosted a charity bazaar in Nanjing. Amity is jointly organizing charity bazaars with corporations to support vulnerable groups in China, to advocate for the spirit of social development and to encourage Chinese companies to get involved.