Amity Outlook No 20 published

Amity Outlook No 20, well-being of children in China, orphans in China

Amity’s quarterly printed publication Amity Outlook No 20 has a strong focus on Amity's work on the well-being of children in need. It reflects on the anniversary of 15 years 'E-Action' programme and overseas related news and information.

Amity's 33rd birthday!

Amity Foundation China, Amity Foundation anniversary, development in China, Christian development in China

On April 18, 1985, the Amity Foundation was officially founded in Nanjing. Beginning with staff of three people, Amity has grown over the last 33 years to a well-known and professional indigenous Chinese faith-based development organization.

Diakonie Germany visits Amity

Diakonie Deutschland in China, diaconal work China, social welfare organizations in China

At Amity Foundation's invitation, from 7 to 13 March, a delegation of 'Diakonie Germany' visited Nanjing to inform themselves about church related social work in China. The delegation was led by Mr. Lilie, President of Diakonie Deutschland.

Chinese Theological Review 28 published

China Theological Review 28 , Christianity in China, Women in the Chinese Church

The Chinese Theological Review (CTR) 28 is published. It presents Chinese voices directly by providing translated theological essays, church statements, sermons, etc. CTR 28 focus on sinicization and in particular on women and feminist theology in the Chinese Protestant Church.

Join the Amity Summer English Program 2018

Amity SEP, Amity Summer English Program 2018, teach the teachers, English teaching in China

The Amity Summer English Program (SEP) invites English speakers to volunteer in training Chinese teachers of English in less-developed parts of China. The SEP is an opportunity to teach the teachers, make a difference and at the same time experience the country and its people in a unique way.