Amity Joins Hands with Chinese Churches to fight COVID-19

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Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, CCC/TSPM have been continuously supporting the containment of the virus. Churches, as well as individual Christians, have made enormous contributions to support Amity’s work in responding to the outbreak.

Coronavirus: Updates on Amity's work

coronavirus, Convid19, Amity Coronavirus, Wuhan coronavirus, Amity relief work coronavirus outbreak

The Amity Foundation has expanded its emergency relief response in containing the coronavirus outbreak. We support various hospitals and communities in Hubei Province in fighting the virus.

Coronavirus: Amity is supporting hospitals in Wuhan

Wuhan, coronavirus, Amity emergency relief

Over the last three days, the Amity Foundation has teamed up with local enterprises to support hospitals in fighting the coronavirus outbreak. Wuhan, the epicenter of the outbreak was placed under quarantine on 23 January 2020.

Amity Outlook No.28 available for download

Amity Outlook No.28, Sports Philantrophy China, Amity Sports

Amity Outlook No.28 explains the concept and phenomena of Sports Philanthropy. Moreover, Amity Outlook discloses personal stories and insights of some of our projects and features important news of the year's quarter.