Conference and book release about philanthropy in China

A charity exchange forum was held in Hong Kong, Wan Chai on September 25. More than 80 persons from companies, foundations, academia, government and NGOs attended the meeting.

The forum’s purpose was to share information about the rise and development of philanthropy on the Mainland with people in Hong Kong, especially in the wake of the Tencent 9/9 Charity Day, which made  millions of netizen to get involved and generated donations of more than 1.3 billion Yuan.

Mr. Qiu Zhonghui during the panel discussion

In conjunction with the forum, the Blue Book on Philanthropy in China 2017, edited by Professor Yang Tuan, was published by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and introduced to the audience. The Blue Book records major events and developments of China's third sector.

The forum was co-organized by the Amity Foundation. During the forum experts and practitioners from different sectors discussed about the latest developments of philanthropy in China. Among them were  Jane Lee, Darwin Chen, Yang Tuan, Prof. Jia Xijin from the Department of Public Administration of Tsinghua University,  Mr. Xu Yongguang, Head of the Narada Foundation in Beijing and Qiu Zhonghui, General Secretary of the Amity Foundation.