NGO development

Nowadays, government officials at all levels, academics and citizens at large have become more concerned about the development of the society. Nowadays, the Chinese government is encouraging and supporting experienced NGOs to pass on their experience and knowledge. Amity takes advantage of the unprecedented opportunity to enhance the specialization of incubating and supporting these NGOs. Since 2009 the Amity Foundation established several NGO Development Centers and helped to set up hundreds of NGOs.

Branches and affiliated organizations who supporting NGOs are in: Kunshan, Nanjing, Nantong, Guangzhou, Shanghai

There is no fixed pattern of incubating social organizations because of their diversity, but fundamentally, social needs are the starting point and ultimate goal of social organizations. The incubation of social organizations, which society need most, is the focus of the Amity NGO Development Centre.

The Centers aim to provide help and support to local NGOs, creating a platform for the communication among social organizations, local government, enterprises and academic communities, and promoting the development of civil society.


Amity's mission is to help and support the fledging NGOs and create a platform for the communication among social organizations, government, private sector and academia. The mission of the centers are to incubate, support, and strengthen Chinese non-government organizations (NGOs) and promote the development of civil society.



Amity wants to improve the development of social organizations to become an important force for the construction of a harmonious society.



Work Together, Grow Together

What we do

Social Organization Incubation

Besides providing free office facilities to them, the Center helps each organization to improve its organizational structure to implement best practices and to achieve sustainable development.

NGO Capacity Building

To help grassroots organizations build their comprehensive strengths by offering training courses like NGO Development, Financial Management, Project Management, Team Building, Volunteers Management, Fund Raising, and SWOT Analysis and so forth

Venture Philanthropy

To mobilize a wide variety of resources and recruit public welfare projects to promote the development of NGOs and philanthropic groups. In the meantime, the Center also encourages college students to start their own philanthropic ventures.

Research and Evaluation

By connecting experts and resources at home and abroad, and by searching training models for NGO development, the Center identifies the best methods and materials for building capacity in grassroots organizations. Meanwhile, the Center researches evaluation patterns for NGOs to encourage healthy, self-disciplined of the NGOs development and help the organizations to be capable of evaluating and monitoring government projects.

Building a Platform for Communication and Cooperation

To organize regular public welfare forums and workshops to promote cooperation and communication within and among NGOs, government, private sector, academia, and media to share information and achieve win-win situations.