Nepal - Photo Series

Four officers from the Amity offices visited Nepal to monitor the disaster relief progress and to exchange latest developments with Amity's local ACT Alliance partner LWF (Lutheran World Federation). It was the first time when the Amity Foundation is organizing a large scale disaster relief operation outside China, involving 13 staff members from the Nanjing headquarters and two from the Hong Kong office.

On the flight from Hong Kong to Kathmandu, about two-third of the seats on the plane remained empty. Four month after the devastating earthquake, Nepal one of the most impoverished countries in Asia, has not only suffered vast devastation but is additionally struck by a decline of tourism, the main source of income for many people.

After arrival, the staff of the Amity Foundation and LWF Nepal met at the Emergency Operation Center.

On the way through Kathmandu city we could still see

many collapsed buildings.

At the headquarters we exchanged information and

LWF gave us insights of their Nepal relief project management.

Staff checked the papers and inspected some of the relief goods in the warehouse.

Every five households also received one tool kit to be shared in the constructions of their temporary shelters.

Over the next days we took part in distributing relief supplies with our local partners. The supplies were funded by the people of Hong Kong.

We saw many landslides which were blocking the roads completely

and making some remote villages inaccessible by car.

 Dangerous road conditions are still challenging the lives of local people.

The people benefited from the relief supplies were located in the remote mountain regions.

They belonged to marginalized groups in Nepal including women, ethnic minorities or members of the lower caste.

Amity teamed up with LWF, which has long-term experience in social development work in Nepal.

The project is dedicated to high international and ACT Alliance standards
and guidelines.


So Amity and partners ensure the appropriate usage of funds and the orderly distribution of supplies.

Amity staff interviewed by
the national TV station.

By involving local grassroots NGOs and local volunteers from the region, the most needy and most affected victims of the earthquake were identified.


Beforehand authorized coupons for claiming of the relief items

have been distributed.

People are signing up for registration.

Transporatation was organized from the distribution points to the villages.

People were happily carrying the material for emergency shelters away.

“I can’t wait to come home to my village and start to build a shelter”, said one old lady.


Signs informed the people about the relief project. People can make complaints or proposals anonymously and local partners raising awareness for PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) are offering psychological counseling.

After the distribution we also visited several villages and talked to the beneficiaries who received supplies in earlier operations.

Collapsed and destroyed houses could be spotted everywhere.

Amity staff is speaking with beneficiaries.

He Wen is asking about

the impact of the previous support.

Amity staff is investigating the the

living enviroment of the people

Some people are still

staying in cracked houses, putting their lives in danger.

Almost every house in this village was destroyed by the earthquake. After receiving a shovel from Amity, a villager has started to clean up the debris.

Amity staff was welcomed warmly by the villagers with flowers.  The people, who have already built a shelter,

were eager to show it to us.

Many people told us to forward their gratitude to all the Hong Kong people and others who send help.

Despite their losses, we met many people are still able to smile and carry on their lives.