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Nepal Earthquake

People-to-People Cooperation between China and Nepal

Recently four officers from the Amity offices visited Nepal to monitor the disaster relief progress and to exchange latest developments with Amity's local partner. The emergency supplies distributed by Amity covered altogether 8,416 households in six districts of Nepal.

Nepal Earthquake – updates

On 10 June 2015 the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) Government has accepted the advice of the Disaster Relief Fund Advisory Committee and approved grants of HK$5.846 million to Amity Foundation, Hong Kong. The grants are dedicated to provide relief to the earthquake victims in Nepal. Read Amity's latest updates.

Nepal Earthquake – call for support

A devastating earthquake with the magnitude between 7.8 and 8.1 struck Nepal on Saturday 25. The Amity Foundation and our international partners appeal to support the victims of the shocking disaster.


A devastating earthquake with the magnitude between 7.8 struck Nepal on April 25. The epicenter of the earthquake was located 50 kilometers near the border to China and also caused victims in the autonomous region of Tibet, India, Bangladesh and on Mount Everest. Another 7.3 magnitude earthquake struck the Himalayan region on May 12 worsening the situation. The death toll passed 8,800 people and the disaster is Nepal’s deadliest reported earthquake for more than 81 years.

The Amity Foundation and our international partners appeal to support the victims of the shocking disasters. Amity supports and co-sponsors the relief efforts of the international community to help our affected neighbors. Since April 27, Amity emergency response teams are on the ground restlessly distributing relief supplies to survivors.

Why Amity is helping?

  • The disasters has caused more than 8,800 people dead and more than 23,000 people wounded in one of Asia's most impoverished regions.
  • There is the urgent need to support the survivors of the shocking earthquakes in Nepal. The Nepal government reports a total number of 479,308 destroyed and 263,026 damaged houses.
  • Many Chinese people are willing to contribute to Amity’s disaster relief efforts and help their neighbors in Nepal.

How we are helping?

  • The Amity Foundation sent disaster relief emergency response teams to Nepal and supports our local partners with the contribution of food, water, blankets, tarpaulin and other daily necessities.
  • Amity staff investigate the situation on the ground and doing assessment work for larger relief efforts regarding to the needs of the people.
  • Amity staff is working with local partners, who are familiar with the local circumstances and the region.

Who are our local partners?

  • The Amity Foundation is member of ACT Alliance, an international coalition of more than 140 churches and affiliated relief organizations supporting one another during natural disasters. The Amity Foundation is the only Chinese organization who is a member of this network. Read the ACT – Emergency Appeal for the people in Nepal.
  • The Lutheran World Federation is Amity's local partner in Nepal. The LWF has decades of experience in Nepal and has founded thousands of community based organizations and trained dozens of local NGOs in disaster risk reduction and emergency response. Based on the LWF experience and long-term engagement in Nepal, Amity's relief efforts will be backed by a strong network and significant capacity on the ground.

How you can help:

Please consider a donation through Amity or our ACT partner organizations.

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