The need for safe water in Ethiopia

East Africa is suffering a drought and water security crisis for more than two years

We are in Danade, in the Fafan Zone of the Somali Regional State in Ethiopia. For more than two consecutive years, the region is suffering a drought and water security crisis. Our team is driving on a pick up jeep on a dusty road to assess the situation and finds mostly dried out water pools. The landscape looks sparse, dry and oppressively drab. “Although it is supposed to be the rainy season, the region has not’t seen much rainfall this year”, explains our driver. Experts agree that climate change and El Nino have worsened the present state of emergency in East Africa.

The Amity emergency disaster relief team found mainly dried up and dirty pools

When we stop at one of the water pool, we meet Idris, a 14 year old kid with his donkey. He tells us that he lives with his six family members three kilometers away. Almost every day he and his brother will walk almost two hours under the sun with his donkey to fetch water in eight canisters. It takes a while for Idris to bucket all the water and fill his canisters. “This will last for up to two days”, explains Idris. He also tells us that water purification and disinfectant tablets, distributed by the government have already ran out for a long time. All his family can do now is to boil the water before they drink it.

Idris and his brother do not have access to safe drinking water

To our dismay, because of the hot and dry day, Idris brother takes the scooping bucket and drinks out of it. When we look down into the water reservoir, we see yellow-colored polluted water. We are shocked, but try to hide it. We understand that the people here had to get used to drink this contaminated water to survive.

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